FAQs and enquiries

Clubs, Secretaries, managers and players frequently ask questions: Below are some of the regular queries and hopefully helpful answers:

Q) We are a club that would like to join the League. Who do we contact.

Q) One of our clubs committee members (ie Secretary) have changed, what should i do
A) All enquiries of this sort as above should be made by email or telephone to the League General secretary Chris Davey. All League contact details are on this website.
Q) We would like to enter our teams into the various cups competitions who do we contact
A) The Premier, Senior and Intermediate cups are compulsory in your respective County and they will contact your club once affiliated. For other cup competitions please go to the cups tab and contact the Cups secretary. All the cups contacts are listed there.
Q) One of our players has been injured, how do i claim?
A) You will need to fill in the injury benefit form (link to the form on the site) and please make sure the player has a medical certificate and enclosed this with the form to Mike Phillips 56 Wilton Way, Exeter, Devon, EX1 3UR