League Rules

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Standard Code of Rules

This document contains the Standard Code of Rules developed by The Football Association for open age football and these Rules are mandatory for all Competitions outside the National League System and at Step 7 and below.

Competitions seeking sanction must draft their Rules in conformity with this Code, putting them in the correctly numbered Rule and showing the Standard Headings. The mandatory element is printed in normal text and the optional elements of the Standard Code in italics. Competitions may add to the core of the Standard Code, which is mandatory, providing the additions are approved by the sanctioning association and do not conflict with the mandatory Rules or any relevant principles and policies established by the FA . Guidance from the sanctioning association should be sought in advance if there is any doubt as to the acceptability of additional Rules.

It should be noted that in many cases Rules are so printed because they are alternatives and the procedure to apply should be retained and the others omitted. In all cases where a line is shown the necessary name, address, number or wording to complete this Rule must be inserted.


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