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Ammies & Morchard chuck in the towel

End of the road for the Warren View side and Morchard have also pulled out

Both Exmouth Amateurs and Morchard Bishop have withdrawn from the League.

Ammies secretary Adam Reid has issued the following statement …..

Unfortunately gentlemen the time has come to wind up Exmouth Amateurs. Too much has happened in the last 9 months to revive the club. As you know ‘Ammies’ limped home at the end of last season and it was always going to be a massive struggle to field a team this season.
We just seem to be finding hurdle after hurdle currently, I cannot see Warren view ready for football action for some months unless there is a sudden turn of events with the council as both pitches and facilities have fallen into disrepair.
All in all its been a septic pre season for us and we cannot come back from it.
Its been a difficult decision to make and we have tried everything to resurrect the club.
We thank everyone who did help us or give us advice and wish you all well in your footballing future.
Exmouth Amateurs Secretary.
Amateurs decision means that both Division One and Division Three will be reduced to 14 teams.

The Ammies were formed in 1958 playing at the Imperial Recreation ground before their move to Warren View. They came close to promotion to the Devon League several decades ago, and have provided the town with a superb alternative to their close rivals Exmouth Town.

Just four players turned up for a pre-season friendly at Morchard Bishop so secretary Charles Parkhouse took the decision to fold the team. The village is suffering from a lack of local players and Charles fears that although they have excellent facilites, sadly interest has waned and he doesnt see the club reforming as an adult team in the near future. Morchard may well have been closing in on their centenery year. The league tables for the club go back to at least 1920 when they played in the Yeoford division, so their demise is yet another sorry loss for a club of this size and history.


Wednesday 2nd August 2017