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Best wishes from our new League Secretary

Scroll down to see statement from new League sec Neil Anthony

Hi All
I would, as it is my first campaign, wish all players, team officials and especially club secretarys, all the very best for the season.
I would also like to remind you of a few things to help you and us at the DEFL throughout this season!
ALL correspondence, unless otherwise stated in the Handbook should be sent to the General Secretary (as per Rule 5 D and E)
Team Colours, if your Teams Colours are different to those shown in the Handbook you should respond as per Rule 19
Make sure that all your registrations are checked and correct as per Rule and that your Team Sheets are entered on the system, as per Rules 21A {DE21Aa}
And that your texters are aware of their roles as per Rule 21B

Please also be aware that all the above are mention on the Secretary’s Procedures which appear on page 87 in the Handbook!
Also, any changes whatsoever throughout the season please let me know so that I can let the relevant people know!
Many Thanks

Neil Anthony Hon League Sec
And once again have a very enjoyable season!

Saturday 25th August 2018