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Buzzards fly the nest

More sad news as another team pulls out

Bickleigh Club chairman Ben White has issued the following statement today Wednesday November 8th

After some feedback from the 2nd team manager and Gary (our secretary) we have decided to try and get the 2nd team players to go up to Division 1 and play, therefore losing the Division 6 side. It is hard to tell at this stage whether this will work long term, but we will at least try to do this as of this Saturday at home to Alphington. The 2nd team players have been very good to be fair and realise if they don’t do this, the entire club could fold. Bless em!
Can you please take this email as an acknowledgment that we wish to remove the Division 6 side (against my will I must add)
Thanks again for your support with this. I am sure the time we have had without fixtures in the 1st team could have helped us long term.

p.s. Can an apology go out to any of the sides we lost points to in Division 6, as I know how this will affect them. Sorry!

Wednesday 8th November 2017