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Statement from League chairman on the new sin bin scheme

League chairman Roger Spray has issued the following


The Football Association Temporary dismissals (Sin bins) Pilot for season 2017/2018.

The league has been selected by the Football Association to take part in the Temporary dismissals pilot for this season.

At the League Management Committee in May concern was raised with regard to how the referees would be able to manage the pilot, as they would not have official assistant referees to help them.

We therefore arranged a meeting at America Hall on Friday 11th August for the Football Association to come and explain how the pilot would work.

All our registered referees and all the clubs were invited. A large number of referees attended but unfortunately only a few clubs attended.

Mr Rob Smith from the Football Association Judicial Services Department gave a very clear and comprehensive overview of how the pilot will work and how the referees will manage it.

Mr Smith answered numerous questions and at the conclusion off the meeting all the referees present were unanimous that they would be happy to implement the pilot.

The pilot will start on Saturday 19th August and continue throughout the season.

The main points of the pilot are :-

It is only for Devon & Exeter League matches. No cup matches are part of the pilot.

The temporary dismissal will be for ten minutes from the time the match restarts
after the player has left the pitch. The referee will indicate when the player can return to the

Temporary dismissals are only used when a yellow card is shown Dissent Offences.

Players will still be sent off if they commit two other yellow card offences in the match.

If a player shows dissent a second time and has a second temporary dismissal he cannot return,
he may however be replaced by a substitute if he has committed no other offences.

When a temporary dismissal is served the clubs will not be charged £10 by the County F A’s.

Please see the league website for further details.

It is hoped that during the pilot the incidents of dissent by players will reduce and with that the
game will be more enjoyable for everyone, players, officials and spectators.


Roger Spray
League Chairman

Monday 14th August 2017