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East Devon football out in force for Frank

Football legend and nice man Frank Bastin tribute

Devon County officials, league officers and a large number of referees attended the funeral of Mr Frank Bastin one of East Devons most well known and popular figures at Ottery St Mary church this  tuesday 27th February at high noon.

Frank was involved in local football for 70 years as a league referee then secretary of Ottery St Mary and Escot Rovers and in his latter years as a committee member and President of the Ottery based competitions rarely missing a game

A Statement from Cups secretary Neil Anthony on Wednesday 7th February 2018 reads

Frank had been involved with the Golesworthy Cup since 1948, he stood in the Secretary’s role from 1983-1994, followed by Vice-President 1994-2000 and as President from 2000 to date, and was elected only last month in the role of Honorary President for another term. His dedication to all three local competitions and his roles within the Devon County Referees Association over the years has been second to none!

At the final of the Grandisson Cup last May, Frank presented the Runners-Up Cup, named in his honour when he also received a ‘Long Service Award’ for his services to local football. As well as his record with the Golesworthy Cup he served on the Grandisson Cup Committee as Secretary, Chairman and President for over 50 years?
He was also involved with the Morrison Bell Cup Competition since 1968, he stood in the Secretary’s role from 1979-1994, followed by President from 1994. His dedication to local football was truly remarkable.

I have known Frank for around 30 years or so, the past 17 of which I have been Secretary of the Cups and his interest and knowledge with the local football clubs were second to none.

Secretary of the Morrison Bell, Grandisson and Golesworthy Cups Competitions

Tuesday 27th February 2018