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Hemyock and Offwell double header history makers NOT

Hopes gone as bad weather swoops in once again

Division Five rivals Hemyock and Offwell Rangers could have created a little piece of history this saturday if they got to play each other twice on the same day. The bad weather has forced a fixture congestion in most divisions, but neighbours Hemyock and Offwell had agreed to stage both home and away matches one after the other at Hemyocks Longmeade ground.

The rules allow clubs to stage double headers on the same day with each half lasting 30 minutes, a total of 120 minutes play in all. There is no record of this ever taking place before so the two village teams can mark this as a first if the weather turns kinder.

Elmore Res and Awliscombe United have also jumped on the bandwagon and will attempt a double header this saturday at Horsdon Park. The first meeting is planned to kick off at 2pm.

  • In both matches the appointed referee will be able to claim his fee X 1.5, and his usual expenses as if only one game. The teams will need to agree their own split of the costs.




Thursday 5th April 2018