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Evening matches kick off at 6.30pm unless stated

Saturday matches kick off at 3pm unless stated

MONDAY 23/04/2018
Feniton v Newton St.Cyres H.CHAMBERS

Division 1 6.45 P.M.
Heavitree Utd v Lapford R.CLUTTERBUCK

Division 2
Bampton v Thorverton B.REEBY

Division 2 6.45 P.M.
Honiton Town v Axmouth Utd Q.ISKANDER

Division 3
Pinhoe v Countess Wear Dynamoes  G. MARTIN at Countess  Wear

Division 4
Starcross Generals v Teignmouth P.WILLER

Division 4
Whipton & Pinhoe v St Martins A. HORN

Division 5 6.45 P.M.
Awliscombe v Westexe Park Rangers L.HAWKINS
Offwell Rangers v Lyme Regis B.HARVEY

Division 8
Cheriton Fitzpaine v Sandford M.HODSDON
Honiton Town v Pinhoe B. HOLMES

Division 8 6.45 P.M.
Otterton v Tedburn St.Mary D.BLIGHT

Seaton Challenge Cup 7.30 P.M.
Chard Town v Seaton Town R.CONNOLLY

Carlisle Cup
Upottery v Bravehearts M. CAIRNS 6.30

TUESDAY 24/04/2018
Newtown v Witheridge R.ASHMAN

Premier 6.45 P.M.
Cronies v Exmouth Town A.FULLAM

Premier 7.30 P.M.
Elmore v Okehampton G. MARTIN

Division 1
Alphington v Cullompton L.STAMP
Chagford v University J.BLAKESLEY

Division 2
Newtown v Kentisbeare P.OWENS

Division 3
Clyst Valley v Lympstone D.UREN
Otterton v Tipton St.John J.HAWKINS

Division 7
Colyton v Newton Poppleford G.ROBERT

Division 7 6.45 P.M.
Lapford v Willand XI R.CRERON

Division 7 8.00 P.M.
Witheridge v Kenn Valley Utd K. BERNER

WEDNESDAY 25/04/2018
Feniton v Clyst Valley J.VEALE
Newton St.Cyres v Hatherleigh A.BRIDGEMAN
Topsham Town v Seaton Town D.STAMP

Division 1
Lapford v Bickleigh P.SERCOMBE
Chard Town v Colyton 7.30pm V. COOKE
Lyme Regis v Sidmouth Town 7.30pm P.BROWN

Division 2
Newton Poppleford v East Budleigh G.SHARPE

Division 3
Pinhoe v Royal Oak D. POINTING at 3G hub Exwick 7pm

Division 3 6.45pm
Sandford v Priory J. UREN

Division 4
St.Martins v Sampford Peverell T. MOSS

Division 4 6.45 P.M
Newton St.Cyres v North Tawton Q.ISKANDER

Division 5 6.30 P.M.
Hemyock v Offwell Rangers B.REEBY

Division 5 7.30 P.M.
Elmore v Ilminster Town K.BERNER

Division 6
Cheriton Fitzpaine v Queens Head L.BRITNELL

Division 6 6.45 P.M.
Upottery v Exmouth Spartans B.HOLMES

Division 7 6.45 P.M.
Bradninch Town v Exeter Utd P.HARDY
Spreyton FC v Chagford D.POINTING

Division 8
Amory Green Rovers v Sandford S.BREALEY
Honiton Town v Central D.CLARKE
Millwey Rise v Otterton L.HAWKINS
Sidmouth Town v East Budleigh R.WILLIAMS
Thorverton v Bradninch Villa J.KNIGHT

Bill Slee Cup 7.30
Ottery St.Mary v Winchester R.MILLS

THURSDAY 26/04/2018
Newtown v Elmore  N. CHAPMAN
Upottery v Exmouth Town H.CHAMBERS

Division 1

Chagford v Lapford A. BRIDGEMAN
Heavitree Utd v University P.BIALYK

Division 2
Newtown v Bow AAC P.WILLER
Woodbury v Honiton Town A. FULLAM

Division 3
Tipton St.John v University C.THOMAS

Division 5
Lyme Regis v Dunkeswell R.CONNOLLY

Division 6
Sidmouth Town v Cranbrook S. PALFREY


FRIDAY 27/04/2018
Division 4 6.45pm
Newton St.Cyres v Starcross Generals D.BLIGHT

Division 8 6.45 P.M.
Honiton Town v Millwey Rise R.KEALEY


SATURDAY 28/04/2018

Clyst Valley v Cronies M.BROOKS
Exwick Villa v Beer Albion R.MILLS
Hatherleigh v Exmouth Town S.LEAHY
Newton St.Cyres v Elmore G.BLACKBURN
Okehampton v Witheridge R.CLUTTERBUCK
Topsham Town v Heavitree Utd B.HOLMES

Division 1
Lyme Regis v Bickleigh L.WILCOCK
Alphington v Chard Town R.CONNOLLY
Perry Street v Sidmouth Town M.CAIRNS
University v Lapford L.STAMP
Chagford v Colyton T.SMITH

Division 2
Thorverton v Halwill P.AVERY 2.15 P.M.
Axmouth Utd v Kentisbeare V.COOKE
Newtown v Dawlish FC L.BRITNELL
University v Bow AAC D.MBANU
Uplowman v Newton Poppleford P.DAY
Woodbury v East Budleigh B.EBDON
Honiton Town v Bampton J.VEALE 6.30 P.M.

Division 3
Crediton Utd v Budleigh Salterton J.KNIGHT
Lympstone v University I.McGUFFOG
Pinhoe v Otterton M.SILLIVANT
Tedburn St.Mary v Ottery St.Mary J.CLARK
Tipton St.John v Sandford G.ROBERTS

Division 4
Sampford Peverell v North Tawton P.HARDY
St.Martins v Beer Albion M.TALBOT
Whipton & Pinhoe v Teignmouth T.MOSS
Winchester v University P.BIALYK
Winkleigh v Alphington P.SERCOMBE

Division 5
Black Swan Town v Hemyock P.WILLER
Culm Utd v Ilminster Town K.BERNER
Elmore v Central R.CRERON
Halwill v Millwey Rise C.KEALEY
Westexe Park Rangers v Offwell Rangers S.PALFREY
Lyme Regis v Awliscombe N. ADAIR

Division 6
Bampton v Wellington M.HODSDON
Seaton Town v Cranbrook L.HAWKINS
Sidmouth Town v Bravehearts D.POINTING
Silverton v Exmouth Spartans B.BUDD
Upottery v Cheriton Fitzpaine M.BURROUGH

Division 7
Chagford v Kenn Valley Utd R.WORTH
Amory Green Rovers v Kentisbeare D.STAMP
Lapford v HT Dons D.BLIGHT
Newton Poppleford v Exeter Utd R.WEARE
Witheridge v Colyton J.UREN

Division 8
Bradninch Villa v Sidmouth Town R.KEALEY
Cheriton Fitzpaine v Okehampton D.CLARKE
East Budleigh v Amory Green Rovers R. ENGLAND
Pinhoe v Culm Utd S.BARKER
Thorverton v Tedburn St.Mary M.UREN 4.45 P.M.

Morrison Bell
Budleigh Salterton v Feniton M. STONE


SUNDAY 29/04/2018 2.00 P.M.
Division 2
Honiton Town v Bow AAC N.ADAIR

Division 8 2.00 P.M.
Otterton v Honiton Town L.HAWKINS

East Devon Senior Cup 11.00am
Alphington v Lyme Regis J.WESTCOTT

MONDAY 30/04/2018
Topsham Town v Cronies C.THOMAS
Premier 6.45 P.M.
Newton St.Cyres v Okehampton J.BLAKESLEY
Premier 7.30 P.M.
Elmore v Heavitree Utd M.CAIRNS

Division 1 6.45 P.M.
University v Heavitree Utd A.DOBBIN
Division 1 7.00 P.M.
Chagford v Bickleigh A.FULLAM

Division 2
Uplowman v University B.HOLMES
Woodbury v Dawlish FC P.OWENS

Division 3
Pinhoe v University P.WILLER
Division 3 7.00 P.M.
Sandford v Clyst Valley M.TALBOT

Division 4
University v Newton St.Cyres R.CRERON
Whipton & Pinhoe v Winchester A.HORN

Division 5
Culm Utd v Westexe Park Rangers B.REEBY

Division 6 6.45 P.M.
Sidmouth Town v Exmouth Spartans R.WILLIAMS

Division 7 6.45 P.M.
Bradninch Town v Amory Green Rovers P.HARDY
Division 7 7.00 P.M.
Newton Poppleford v Lapford L.HAWKINS

Division 8 6.45 P.M.
Honiton Town v Bradninch Villa S.PALFREY
Division 8 7.00 P.M.
Culm Utd v Tedburn St.Mary D.CLARKE


TUESDAY 01/05/2018 6.45 P.M.
Feniton v Hatherleigh T.DOHERTY
Seaton Town v Exmouth Town R.CONNOLLY
Premier 7.00 P.M.
Witheridge v Newtown P.SERCOMBE

Division 1 7.00 P.M.
Alphington v Wellington R.WORTH

Division 2 6.30 P.M.
Thorverton v University R.MILLS
Division 2 7.00 P.M.
East Budleigh v Axmouth Utd J.HAWKINS
Newton Poppleford v Honiton Town B.EBDON

Division 3 7.00 P.M.
Tedburn St.Mary v Countess Wear Dynamoes D.UREN

Division 5 7.30 P.M.
Elmore v Dunkeswell K.BERNER

Division 6 7.00 P.M.
Upottery v Cranbrook P.AVERY

Division 7 6.45 P.M.
Exeter Utd v Chagford S.BARKER
Division 7 7.00 P.M.
HT Dons v Spreyton FC P.WILLER

Division 8 6.45 P.M.
Pinhoe v Amory Green Rovers T.MOSS
Division 8 7.00 P.M.
Okehampton v Central R.CRERON
Otterton v Millwey Rise B.HARVEY

Bill Slee Cup 7.30 P.M.
Crediton Utd v Tipton St.John N.ADAIR

WEDNESDAY 02/05/2018 7.00 P.M.
Okehampton v Cronies P.OWENS
Premier 7.30 P.M.
Elmore v Beer Albion D.STAMP

Division 1 7.00 P.M.
Lyme Regis v University V.COOKE
Division 1 7.30 P.M.
Colyton v Chard Town G.ROBERTS
Sidmouth Town v Perry Street A.HORN

Division 2 7.00 P.M.
Bow AAC v Bampton J.KNIGHT
Uplowman v Halwill L.STAMP

Division 3 7.00 P.M.
Lympstone v Clyst Valley D.POINTING
Pinhoe v Ottery St.Mary Q.ISKANDER
Royal Oak v University P.BIALYK

Division 4 7.00 P.M.
Alphington v University A.DOBBIN
Newton St.Cyres v Sampford Peverell M.UREN
North Tawton v Winkleigh T.SMITH
St.Martins v Winchester L.HAWKINS

Division 5 7.00 P.M.
Central v Halwill D.BLIGHT

Division 6 7.00 P.M.
Cheriton Fitzpaine v Bravehearts C.KEALEY

Division 7 7.00 P.M.
Willand XI v Kenn Valley Utd S.PALFREY

Division 8 6.45 P.M.
Sandford v Thorverton L.BRITNELL
Division 8 7.00 P.M.
Honiton Town v East Budleigh R.WILLIAMS

THURSDAY 03/05/2018 6.45 P.M.
Newtown v Exwick Villa A.FULLAM
Premier 7.00 P.M.
Heavitree Utd v Feniton C.THOMAS
Upottery v Topsham Town R.CONNOLLY

Division 1 7.00 P.M.
Lapford v Alphington J.UREN

Division 2 6.45 P.M.
Newtown v Woodbury D.UREN
Division 2 7.00 P.M.
Kentisbeare v Thorverton B.REEBY

Division 3 7.00 P.M.
Tedburn St.Mary v Tipton St.John R.WORTH

Division 5 6.30 P.M.
Hemyock v Lyme Regis P.DAY
Division 5 7.30 P.M.
Elmore v Offwell Rangers M.HODSDON

Division 7 6.45 P.M.
Amory Green Rovers v Witheridge K.BERNER

Division 8 7.00 P.M.
Bradninch Villa v Otterton S.PALFREY
Sidmouth Town v Pinhoe R.KEALEY

FRIDAY 04/05/2018
Division 1 7.00 P.M.
Colyton v University M.CAIRNS

Division 3 7.00 P.M.
Sandford v Pinhoe M.UREN

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