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No need to panic just yet: the stats leave an interesting trail

Some clubs have a heavy schedule but are things that bad ?


The figures do not really justify one and it is unlikely to be on the League agenda.

Not many would disagree with the feeling there have been widespread postponements since the start of December but are things really that bad ? Many football pundits are calling for a mid winter break but do the figures even for this winter justify that shout. There are also calls for the season to start earlier, but there are mixed feelings on that idea because of cricket and holidays.
There were very few matches called off until the beginning of December, and a look at the last three months shows the following stats.
I have only included League matches in here, cup matches affect the level of activity, but most of the County cups were luckily not affected by the weather and the other competitions have had to readjust and do not affect the League greatly.
So overall the statistics show:
December 117 league games played 44 postponed.
January 109 league games played 119 postponed
February 141 league games played 80 postponed
So the quarter tally is played 367 postponed 243
Probably no better or worse than the average winter, and still works out at just over 30 league games completed each week.

The first two weeks of March have been a disaster with just nine results out of 105 scheduled, and that takes the sum since the start of December to 376 played 352 postponed. However who would have projected that for the first two weeks of Spring.
If we knew this in advance then our winter break would have been mid January to mid March.

Obviously if we get more bad weather then things could get really serious. There are 26 clubs still to start the second half of the season, but that happens most years.
Those with success in the cups such as Colyton and Sidmouth know the score but that has always been a hurdle to jump, and is still unlike years ago when cup matches had replays.

Anyway fingers crossed the weather will ease soon, if not then we will have something to grumble about.

  • Note: The rules permit teams to play each other twice in one day see page 18 of the handbook, and there is no reason why two clubs could not agree to play on a sunday. In both instances this would have to be an agreement between the two clubs and sanctioned by the League. However it is an option especially for say two clubs who are miles apart.
  • Note: Clubs cannot play one match for six points. That is against the rules.


Sunday 18th March 2018