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Self check for all D & E players on Whole Game

Are your Registration details on Whole Game correct ?


Now that the new Registrations system is up and running it would seem a good idea if every player could check their own details online are correct. This does not need to be done right away but it would be helpful to get it sorted asap or before the end of the the current season.

Most of you have been registered on Whole Game with a temporary email address and this means that if you are for example transferred then confirmation from the system that all is in order would be emailed back to you.

By logging into Whole Game with your FAN No every player has the ability to amend and correct your personal details and should be in your interest to get it right including your address and telephone nos.
You should know your fan no but as a reminder it is the number on your I.D card.

If you have not logged into Whole Game before then you need to make up a password which should be at least eight letters to include one capital leatter and one number.
Once logged in – just go to My Account and review the content. If anything needs amending then click on “edit details” shown on the Left hand side which will bring up another screen. Amend what is necessary then “Save changes”.

If you are unable to do this please just provide your Club secretary with your email address and they can check or amend for you.


Monday 12th March 2018