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Club details request

Are your club contacts and details up to date

Social media is awash with clubs changing and publishing their details for next season but as webmaster I have yet to receive one change !

If your club has changed or is changing any personnel especially Secretary, Chairman,  Treasurer and managers then the League will need to be informed of these amendments.

The clubs page is also there to help you contact other clubs but if it is out of date then its not much use.

Details will also be required for the new Handbook so it is important to keep your club page up to date, although the League secretary will be issuing a printed request for club details for this purpose.

Meanwhile amendments can be emailed (preferably) or messaged but must come from a recognised club officer. Please contact League Secretary Neil Anthony and copy me in to save Neil extra work.

New clubs might also email me with their details and I can get this published in anticipation of acceptance.

Collin Goodwin



Wednesday 22nd May 2019