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Statement from the League to all clubs and referees read on

Hi everyone,

You are well aware of the concerns over the CORONAVIRUS recently, from all areas of the world and concerns within Sport, in our case Football.
Therefore, the Officers have discussed this via emails (as we don’t meet until the end of the month) and unanimously agreed that the PRE MATCH HANDSHAKE should be withdrawn from all matches within the Devon and Exeter Football League for the rest of this season.
As you can see below there is an email from the DCFA which we have made this decision with the blessing of the FA, so the relevant SCOR will cease for the rest of the season.
Please be aware that this decision is only for the benefit of all DEFL League games, this decision may not affect Cup games.
A copy of this email has been sent to all Referees that are registered with the DCFA and appear in the DEFL Handbook.
Dear League Secretary,
Following the U.K Chief Medical Officer’s decision to raise the Coronavirus risk from low to moderate, Devon FA would like to offer advice to our clubs, leagues and referees regarding Covid-19.
The FA is following Government advice which at the time of writing, does not offer any advice to say that we should not be shaking hands, but highlights and emphasises the need for good hand hygiene at all times.
However, if teams feel happier not to shake hands (or to try an alternative method like fist bumping) then that is absolutely their choice and Leagues are encouraged to be understanding of teams making this choice. Should teams decide not to shake hands or opt for an alternative method this must be conveyed to the match referee before the teams enter the field of play.

Tuesday 10th March 2020