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East Devon soccer in mourning for two legends

Soccer fanatic Burt loses hit fight for life

East Devon football is in mourning after learning that Mike Hoyle one of its grassroots officers has sadly passed away. “Burt” has been on the League management committee and the East Devon Cups committees for many years, a gentleman and totally reliable servant to both competitions.

Although residing in Honiton, Burt was often seen at matches with his main love Lympstone football club, but many will recall him taking gate money with a big smile at the East Devon cup finals, and then often making the presentations, a job he did with real professionalism.

Older East Devon football followers will also be saddened to hear that John Lukins who was Yeovil Towns press officer and covered our League and the Perry Street Football League in the Pulmans Weekly news and Western Gazette has also passed away.



Saturday 19th March 2022