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More memory Lane clubs Exeter City slickers

Former Exeter city clubs no longer with us. I have not included any of the Servicemen teams that have been in the League over the years, now long gone but best part of 100 teams listed below.

Crikey may have started something here !!

Former Exeter area teams over the years now no longer running

How good is your memory guys

Binford Rovers, Bodley Bros, British Rail, Buddle Estate, Burnthouse Lane, Centrax, Centre United, Coaver, Commercial Union Assurance Company, Crescent, Cross Park, Devon & Exeter Butchers, Devon Constabulary, Devon Mental Hospital, Devon Motel, Dolphin United, Elmfield, Eurotech, Exeter Argyle, Exeter City Reserves, Exeter City Colts, Exeter Arms, Exeter Athletic, Exeter Bohemians, Exeter City Police, Exeter College, Exeter Community Centre, Exeter Falcons, Exeter Gas Company, Exeter Greyhound, Exeter Post Office, Exeter Technical College, Exeter YMCA, Flying Horse, Friernhay, Gardeners Arms, Garton & King, Green Gables, Groom United, Heavitree & Wonford USC, Hodges United, Houghtons Old Stars, Jolly Porter, Kings Arms, Lamb Inn United, London & Manchester, Longbrook Rovers, Medical Sickness Society, Met Office, Mint, N.A.L.G.O, Newtown Pegasus, Oakwood, Parks Utd (Glenbrooke), Pelican Rovers, Peryam United, Phoenix Club, Pinbrook, Queens Head, Redburn United, Rediffusion, Rougement, Rowe Bros, Shakespeare, St Davids, St Leonards, St Loyes, St Marks, St Nicholas, St Thomas, Stoke Rovers, S.W.E.B, S.W.G.B, Sylvans, Tap & Barrel, Team 2000, UAU Exeter, Victoria Park, Walronds Rangers, Waltons, Wheatons Sports Club, Whipton Saints, Willeys Social Club, Windsor United, Wonford

Memories of days gone by and thanks for all the interest on this guys

Tuesday 3rd February 2015