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Premier champions pull out

The League have received confirmation that Premier champions Lapford have withdrawn from the League. The club have done their best to try and maintain a team but after a meeting on monday have taken the decision to call it a day.

Lapford have been a revelation in the League for some years and unbeaten for over a year, but sadly their history will stop at that point unless sometime in the future they emerge again.

Although not offered as a reason the players disappointment at not being accepted by the Devon League was hinted as being a major factor but whatever the issue the League is sorry to learn that the village team which has been so prominent in recent years has now come to an end.

There has been a team at Lapford for over 100 years although they did not really get going until after the 2nd world war, and at one time were known as Ambrosia, but for the time being there will now be no football at the village.

The news means that as things stand the Premier Division is down to 13 teams.




Tuesday 2nd August 2022