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Start date remains unknown

Discussions still under way

Many clubs are flooding the League with requests to know when we can start the season. The League is doing its best to make this decision with the information they have been provided, but the answer is we simply do not have a start date, but the minute they can decide when it will be, an announcement will be made.

There are so many factors to consider, the League constitution, what clubs will be able to get going, and where many teams especially council ground based clubs will be able to function. We also have to fit in with clubs at Step 7 and higher who have priority, so the Executive really have a minefield of factors to decide on.

The League has put out a questionnaire to all clubs on their status which will be a great help, but it remains a waiting game.

One important thing I would ask all clubs to check is that the information we have on this website is correct. Go to the Our clubs tab and let us know if any errors. Also are your website details correct. I know a few have changed recently. 


Friday 31st July 2020