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Time for action more whistle blowers needed

A call to everyone especially the grumblers to act and get qualified as a ref details below

We read a lot of moans and groans recently about referees on Social media and that must contribute greatly as to why we are struggling to cover all the fixtures. Nobody is perfect but the levels of complaint sometimes beggar belief.

Many of our current refs have been operating for many years, and if you ask them why, its because they love doing it and feel they are giving something back to the game.
Most refs are new to the game but both sets come in for “attack” at times on our communication platform where it is so easy to be destructive.
Yes refs are rewarded financially, but the majority do not regard that as their incentive.

So might it be a good idea for many of the moaners and others to consider doing a referee course, and then maybe covering matches as and when free. There are a number of players and club officials now who fill in to help when their team has no fixture, so how about offering your services and get qualified.

The Devon Football Association run the courses and would more than welcome interest. The next course starts sometime in the new year 2021 so this would be just the time to consider the chance to get qualified.

For more information
Contact numbers at Devon FA
01626 332077 Main office
01626 325917 Richard Mason Referees Development Officer

Monday 26th October 2020