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Topsham shock as no longer in the League

Tops century+ membership ceases

The sad news confirmed this week is that for the first time in over a century Topsham Town will not have a team in the Devon & Exeter League. The Coronation Fields side formed prior to World War One as Topsham St Margarets have withdrawn their Reserve team from Division One, and leave a big hole by their absence. Topshams first team operate in the Devon Football League where we all wish them well, but to no longer be members of the Devon & Exeter seems unreal.

Even in 1993 and 1994 when Topsham played a couple of years in the North Devon League with their seconds in a Combination League, they still ran an Under 18 side in the D & E so their membership has been continuous.

It will seem astonishing to many that a club of this stature and history and with a football ground and clubhouse to be envied are unable to maintain a second team, and not long ago they were running four teams. There are of course a number of reasons and hopefully this is only temporary, but those among you who have been involved in the local game for many years will be dumbfounded by the news.

Over the years Topsham have won numerous league and cup trophies, they have staged many cup finals, and the League currently hold their management meetings in their clubhouse.

Mr Roland Brown our current league chairman has been associated with the club for many years, and so many famous players began their careers at Topsham so not to have the club in our ranks will surprise so many.

  • I should also mention that Ottery St Mary have withdrawn their Development side who were leading Division Six and the table has been adjusted accordingly.


Monday 12th December 2022