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Winner takes all in memory lane not just ABBA

A reflection on the 1992 Battle of the century


Now the League season has ended I hope you might enjoy an article I just found that I wrote in the Express & Echo 30 years ago .

In the next few weeks two teams will line up against each other for a gladitorial contest which will decide their season. There will be 22 intense faces and minds concentrating on the battle ahead and for the participants there is no hiding place. Victory will be paramount, defeat unthinkable, and it will be no place for the feint of heart.
The prize – 139th place in the Devon & Exeter League – and for the defeated – 140th place and the distinction of being wooden spoonists in the entire League.
So who are these brave men and true – none other than Seaton Town Reserves and Tipton St John Reserves.
Not for them the glory of a League championship or a Cup final.
Not for them the prize of picking up a winners medal at the Presentation night.
This is the big one! This is where the season began and will end for the two teams involved.
Whilst all the title battles from Premier to Intermediate have been raging all season, Seaton and Tipton have spent their time trying to stay ahead – of each other that is.

Bottom three as it stands

. . . . . . . . . .  . . .P W D L  F    A  PTS
Halwill Res      22 5 2 15  45  80 17
SEATON RES 25 3 3 19 40 144 12
*TIPTON RES 25 3 5 17  54   79 11

It is rather ironic that it will all come down to the last match and that it will be “winner takes all”, although for Seaton a draw will be good enough. Tipton have to win and how they must regret the loss of three points for playing an unregistered player earlier in the season.
All these factors will mean little once the battle begins. Seaton manager Charlie Ziemann has no plans to settle for a point, while Tiptons Alan Diprose can hardly bear to think about the consequences of defeat.
It all boils down to a fascinating last match and what a game it promises to be !

For the record that 1992 result : Seaton Res 2 Tipton Res 1


Thursday 26th May 2022