FAQs and enquiries

Clubs, Secretaries, managers and players frequently ask questions: Below are some of the regular queries and hopefully helpful answers:

All contact details are available on our Website and should be made via emails

Q. We are a new Club and would like to join the DEFL
A. Contact the GENERAL SECRETARY. He will issue you with the relevant Application Forms.
Q. One of our Officials has changed?
A. Whether it is a change of personnel, contact numbers, email addresses, or that someone will be on holiday for a while! Again, contact the GENERAL SECRETARY with your changes.
Q. Our Club would like to enter various Cup Competitions, who do I contact?
A. The County Cups are compulsory and will be detailed when affiliating your Club to the DCFA each season!
For all other local Cup Competitions (listed on this seasons SCOR Rule 4(DE2Ka), you will need to contact the various Cup Competitions Secretaries (details available on this Website which can be found under the Cups heading).
Q. One of our players has been injured? Can we claim?
A. As you will have paid the Injury Benefit Scheme at the beginning of the season, you will need to download the Injury Benefit Scheme Form (which can be found under the Forms heading on this Website). Complete and return as stated.